DOCMAN® The Unstructured Data Management System

Най-доброто средство за управление на документи, контрол и цялостна организация на административната дейност

About USW



USW Ltd was founded in 1990 by three partners with significant experience in the field of information systems, gained in the course of working in the Institute for Industrial Cybernetics and Robotics within the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. USW Ltd has always been interested in working on projects related to the setting up of sizable systems or in solving of specific problems, which require the development of complex technologies with predominant elements of novelty.

In 1997 the USW team created a new advanced system for unstructured data management- DOCMAN. The system has a graph-based internal architecture. The next version of the system– DOCMAN®2,5 provides the possibility for building up of different models of concepts, data and processes and instances of those models. On this basis a lot of administrative information systems were successfully designed.

USW Ltd’ experts participated in drafting and implementation of the Bulgarian Electronic Governance Act. USW Ltd was the pioneer of electronic administrative services building in Bulgaria. In the period of 3-4 years USW realized a series of projects which include the setting up of more than 400 administrative services.

USW Ltd’ specialists also participated in the realization of the project for creation of Unified Platform for Innovations (UPI). UPI is the next step development of the DOCMAN– idea for building of a common environment for models and their instances organized as a Semantic network. The project defined a new type of software architecture- Semantic Network Based Architecture. The new architecture ensures high efficiency in building of intelligent information systems working in different operating environments.


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