About us

United Software Writers Ltd. (USW Ltd/ЮСВ ООД) was founded in 1990 by three partners with rich experience in the field of information systems gathered during their long-term work in the Institute for technical cybernetics and robotics at BAS.

Since its creation, USW Ltd is oriented in implementing projects that require dealing with complicated interdisciplinary problems. The application of an innovative approach to every project since the beginning has been transformed from workstyle to our company’s culture. Our constant vision for the general technological development around the world is a constant basis for the constant development of the company’s potential. Such development is done by USW Ltd with well-organized and complete transitions.

The First transition (1990-1994) replaced the industrial automatization and robotics as a subject of the company’s focus with automatization of the administrative activities. The created ERP-products and systems created back then inherited from the industrial automatization the precise analysis of the subject of automatization and its exact presentation in an adequate information model. This provided high-quality and long life of the created products and systems and also helped recognize a new perspective field – unstructured data processing. With this transition USW Ltd made their move from the production workshops to the administration, where the main subject is processing unstructured data.

The second transition (1995-2001) is related to creation and improvement of the system for processing of unstructured data DOCMAN©. The company’s whole vision is pledged to its graph-based architecture. The creation of administrative information systems is transferred from a static environmentally relational data base into a dynamical environment of modelling the organization of the administrative activity through a multiply-connected graph. As a result, USW Ltd accumulates valuable practical experience in creating models through graph-based structures. A new technology for automatization of administrative activities is created through construction and interpretation of its models in the environment of the system DOCMAN©.

The third transition (2002-2009) expanded the company’s vision from configuration of a system to the environment of “system of systems”. It received a practical field for exhibition with the participation of USW’s Ltd specialists taking part in the project for e-Governance for creation of the Bulgarian law for e-Governance. They have a major merit for the idea for interoperable Enterprise Content Management (iECM) system to be regulated by the law of the Bulgarian conditions as an Administrative informational system. Along with that was not only realized the key role of the Semantics operational compatibility along with realization of the project e-Governance but also the role of processing of semantics in long-term aspect. This strongly engaged USW Ltd with this interesting thematic mostly a specialist from the company who is a National expert in the Semantics operational compatibility in the European project SEMIC- Semantic Interoperability Center/Community. 

The Fourth transition (After 2010) is fully committed to development in the presentation and processing semantics. Proof of the seriousness and depth of the work of USW Ltd in this direction is the development of a new environment in which, new systems could be build possessing the capacity of SMART.  That’s the reason why the first product created was Semantic Network Based Architecture. The theoretical vision around the new type of architecture was created with the means to be used as a base to create new types of systems – Unified Platform for Innovations-UPI. The concept of the UPI-based systems created our vision for Smart home (Smart home as a Digital Environment, My (Smart) Home, my (Digital) Fortress), for IoT-configurations (The end of IoT Enthusiasm or the Beginning of a new IoT Vision, The Role of e-Governance in IoT Semantic Interoperability), for Workflow Management in the administrations and industries and as a whole for Industry 4.0.

We are still strongly engaged in the creation of an e-Governance in our country. We created the solution for the creation of concepts of models, data and processes for establishing and maintaining a Semantics operational compatibility in the e-Governance’s environment. It is based on Semantics representation regarding establishing and maintaining a Semantic Interoperability in the e-Governance’s environment.

But this elaboration covers a lot more than just the field of e-Governance. It is in the basis of our long-term project (Collaborative Autonomous Robot- CABOT) for developing Smart systems with a high level of autonomous behavior. Yet we have practically applicable realizations of machine presentations of knowledge and methods for their development when decision making is required. We successfully develop language (Root Language) for formal presentation and processing descriptions that are possible to be translated into/from a simplified version of a limited natural language. This is our approach to dealing with the problem of Machine Learning and our direction into continuing our development in the chosen matter.